Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zoho CRM: IPAD App: Mapping Leads/Companies/Accounts Near Me

Another incredibly useful feature of the IPAD App is the ability to display a map of  Leads/Companies/Contacts 'Near Me.'  

How is 'Near' defined?  It's the distance from your current location to the address of the Lead, Company or Contact.   The Default value is 10 miles, but you can change this by navigating to Settings ==≥ Search Settings.  The maximum distance is 100 (miles or km).

Now, to see Leads Near Me,  navigate to the Leads area, Click on the View Name (My Open Leads, for example).  The list of Views is displayed.  Select the Map View "Leads Near Me".  The Leads near you are listed on the left side of your screen, a map with corresponding push pins is displayed on the right.   Tap on a pin to see the name of the lead.

Tap on the pin a second time to bring up a menu.  Select 'Get Directions From here' to display directions from your current location to the selected Lead.

Very Handy, indeed!

Happy CRM-ing :)


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