Tuesday, February 25, 2014


If you're like me, you hate getting email traffic you're not interested in, right?  And don't you hate it when you click the unsubscribe button included in an email, yet they still just keep on coming because some body neglected to change a setting?

Zoho CRM has provided a super easy way to allow your email recipients to automatically unsubscribe from your bulk email traffic generated within your ZOHO CRM.  (What?  You didn't know you could generate bulk email with Zoho CRM?  See our last ZOHO tip!)  Follow these steps:

STEP 1: First, Create new or update pages on your website:
  1) LANDING PAGE, where your recipients will be directed after they unsubscribe.  It can be something as easy as your site header with a message in large font saying "congratulations, you have successfully unsubscribed from our newsletter!"  This can also be a great marketing opportunity to present information about your company. [publish this page]
  2) a page where your unsubscribe form will be hosted (or you can paste the unsubscribe form on your contact page, or another existing page [don't publish yet]

Meanwhile, back in your ZOHO CRM account...
STEP 2: 
  • Set-up-> Website Integration->Unsubscription form
  • enter the URL to the landing page you created: http://yourwebsite.com/landingpage.html
  • Click Create HTML button
  • copy the HTML code 

Okay - Back in your website code:
  • paste the copied HTML into your website source code where you would like the the form to present.
  • save and publish this updated web page (have the URL of this page handy)
…and back we go into your ZOHO CRM account
  • Create (or add to an existing) email template: Set-up->Templates->Email Templates
  • type the word "unsubscribe" somewhere within your template
  • select the typed word "unsubscribe" and click on the link icon (pictured at right)
  • Select the URL radio button and enter the URL of your website page that contains the unsubscribe form you generated in Step 2 and added to your website in Step 3.
THATS IT!  Now, when a user clicks the unsubscribe link in your email template (that you built in Step 4), they will be directed to your website's unsubscribe form where they will fill in the requested information and click submit.  ZOHO CRM will  automatically update their contact data (meaning their Email Opt Out field will be set), and the user will land on your websites 'landing page' that you created in Step 1.

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