Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Did you know?  Zoho CRM has a rather robust built-in mass-emailing capability that can be used for things like email marketing campaigns to leads or email newsletter distribution to contacts. (NOTE mass emails can only be sent to leads and contacts).  Here's how you use it...

TO CREATE A TEMPLATE: Set-up->Templates->Email Templates.  Select the record type for which the template will be used (can only be used for one record type), and fill in the other descriptive information.

There are many options available to actually compose the email template, including using field data to personalize the mailing. Here is what the tool bar looks like:

METHOD 1: Click and Type directly into the editor window below the tool bar and use the tools to format your template.  Note: To insert "merge fields" into the template, select the field category and field name from the drop down lists at the top of the tool bar, then copy and paste the merge field value into your template. 

  • Create the template in HTML outside of Zoho CRM using Adobe Dreamweaver or any other HTML Editor, and upload all images/CSS used in the template to your website. Copy your HTML code.
  • Open the Email Template Editor as described above, then Click the HTML icon (outlined above)
  • In the code view mode, paste your code and click insert, then click Save
In your Zoho CRM Account, click on the module for which you created the template (Leads or Contacts) - for this example We'll use Contacts
  • Click on the module tools drop down list (pictured at right)
  • Select 'Mass Email Contacts'
  • Select your template from the drop down list. (note: you can't edit your template here)
  • To select the recipients you can do the following under the Select Records Tab:
    • Click Custom View Criteria, and then Select Custom View from the drop down list, or
    • Click Manual Criteria, to search and select the required records manually.
The system will display only those records that contain an email address. While sending mass emails to contacts, you can also specify the criteria based on the fields in the Accounts module.
  • Click Send.
Check-out our next tip about providing your recipients with an easy and automated way to `Opt Out` of receiving your mass emails…

BONUS TIP - To view the list of mass emails sent to a specific Lead or Contact, open the contact, scroll down to the Emails Section and select "Emails sent from CRM" in the little drop down list on the right.




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