Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ZOHO 101: Creating Dependent Picklists

Sometimes we have two or more fields on a form that have dependencies on each other, that is, the values I want to offer in one field are dependent on the value that is selected for another field.

DID YOU KNOW...Zoho CRM makes it really easy to establish these kinds of relationships between two fields.  Check this out…

in Setup->Customization->Fields

  • FIELD1: Select the applicable module and click New Custom Field Button
  • Choose Picklist as the type
  • Give it a name, select the section on the form where you want the field to appear and enter all possible values for the field.
  • click save
  • Repeat for FIELD2 - remember you must enter ALL POSSIBLE VALUES FOR ALL OF THE VALUES IN THE FIRST FIELD (could be a long list, thats okay!)
in Set-up->Customization-> Fields

  • Select the module and click Map Dependency Fields
  • Click New
  • use the drop downs to select Parent (Field1) and Child (Field2) then click Next
  • For each of the possible values of Field1 (listed across the shaded column headers, click on all applicable values in Field2 (NOTE: you may need to scroll over using the arrow button to reach all Field1 values)
  • Click save
in Set-up->Customization->Layout
  • Select applicable module
  • View the default layout of the two new fields and drag them to an alternate location if desired.
DONE!  Now on your form, when you select a value for Field1, only the values you selected under that value in Step2 will be available in your Field2 pick list!!


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