Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GoldMine : Setting Forced Logout

GoldMine licensing works via concurrency. This means that if you own 10 seats, you can have 50 users defined, but only get at 10 in at once. In order to ensure that there are always seats available, you can set up a Forced Logout for each GoldMine user. This will “kick them off” of GoldMine when an inactivity threshold is reached.
1    1. Select Tools | Users Settings.
2    2. Double-click on the user you wish to set this up for
      3. Click the “Forced Logout” button.
4    4. Check the box labeled “Log out user…”, then specify the idle threshold, and optionally the …after this time textbox.
b    5. Ok your way out.

This is also a good way to make sure everyone is out each evening before maintenance or backups are performed.


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