Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GoldMine : Using Case Templates

The Cases module has been a little unsung, in my humble opinion. Most of our clients either have a bona-fide service department (with it’s own call logging software) or have no real service tracking and are unsure how to start. A good way to begin this process is to create a few Case Templates to ease into the idea.
To open the Cases tab, select Go to | Service Center.
To start create a new Case Template, click Template | Manage Templates | New.
Go ahead and give the template a name, then fill in what you want to be the “defaults”. Keep in mind that each of these values will be sortable in the Cases list, and it helps to plan out how you are going to track issues beforehand.
To save the template, simply click Save.
Now, to use the new template, just;
1.       Create a new case by clicking on New Case.
2.       Search for the Contact you want to link the Case to.
3.       Once in the Case view, drop down the Template list (in the upper right hand corner) and select your Template.

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