Monday, April 21, 2014

MSCRM: How to Create Personal Email Templates

A useful, under utilized feature of MSCRM is the Email Template.  In addition to the 23 out of the box email templates, you can create your own email templates.  Here's how:

Go to Personal Options:

Click the Email Templates tab:

Click "New".  Select the related entity for Email Type.  Note: To use an email template to send Direct Mail, there must have an email field on the Entity record.  In this example, I want to send an email to a Contact, which does have an email field.  Change the Template Type from Global to Contract:

Click OK. Next, I want my greeting to be "Hi, Bob" ("Hi" plus the Contact's first name).  To do this, I type "Hi " and leave my cursor where it is.  I click on Insert/Update:

and select Add:

Next, select the Contact's First Name and click OK

The Contacts first name is inserted onto my email template.  Repeat adding fields until you are finished. Click Save and Close.

Click OK to exit Personal Options.

My next blog will review how to use Email Templates for Direct Mail



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I used newsletter templates from free online collections and now it's time to create my own. Our company provides new rules and now i should create email templates in corporate style.

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