Friday, April 25, 2014


The Zoho Campaigns App is a robust complement to your CRM system. Unlike the Built-in Campaigns Module within Zoho CRM, which is very manual in nature, the Zoho Campaigns App offers a better HTML editor for creating templates, built-in un-scubscription, automated click and bounce feedback, and full integration with the CRM application.

To use Campaigns, simply access your Zoho Account as described in my last Blog - Zoho - Outside of CRM - and click the Campaigns App Title to open Campaigns.

BEFORE sending out a Campaign, you must Associate your CRM Account. (NOTE:  you must be a paid subscriber to CRM in order to integrate your CRM account with Campaigns)
  • In Campaigns, click Settings (top menu bar) -> Integrations
  • Next to Zoho CRM, Click the Associate Account button and enter the requested data.
When associated, your CRM comes in with a set of default configurations. It is recommended that you update the default to include pushing contacts as Leads to your CRM for opened and clicked mail.  To view and change these defaults:
  • Click Contacts (top menu bar) -> Sync Contacts (Sub Menu bar) -> View Details
Once integrated and synchronized, any campaign you create in Campaigns will automatically be created and updated in your CRM.  Now, in CRM you'll have a summary table of recipient activity as well as individual "Member Status" of each recipient (unread, opened, clicked, etc…) for the Leads/Contacts in your CRM system.


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