Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crystal Reports : MID() Refresher

Ah, MID(). Is there anything you can't do?

Let us suppose that we are reporting on history, and our field {HISTORY.REF} has some annoying characters padded into the beginning of the string, like this:

"oc: Justin Hill - Appointment"
"oc: Gene Marks - Phone Call"
"oc: Corey Babka - Next Action"

For cosmetic purposes, we will create a formula to strip out the "oc:" with the following code:


This will return the entire string, starting at character position five.Using the function as outlined above will return;

"Justin Hill - Appointment"
"Gene Marks - Phone Call"
"Corey Babka - Next Action"

This is also great for cutting out parts of model numbers, serial numbers, etc.

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