Thursday, May 29, 2014

GoldMine : Enabling E-mail Spell Check

When you type and send out a bazillion e-mails a day, simpel speling erorrs can (and do) occur. To enable automatic spell-check when sending GoldMine e-mails;

1. Select Tools | Options from the top level menu.

2. Select the "E-mail" tab, then "More Options", then "Advanced".

3. Check the box labeled "Auto spell-check before sending".

4. Ok your way out.

Now, if you've never used this feature before, it needs to be "trained" a little bit. When you go to send an e-mail, the spell check will run and prompt you for any words it doesn't know. Your choices are;

0. You can simply double-click any of the suggested words from the list, or....

1. Ignore : Ignores just this single instance of the word. (for this spell check only)

2. Ignore All : Ignores all instances of the word. (for this spell check only)

3. Add : Adds the word to your users' dictionary. You will never be prompted to correct this word again. Good for things like acronyms, company names, etc.

4. Change : Replaces the word with the first item in the "Suggestions" list.

5. Change All : Replaces all instances of the word with the first item in the "Suggestions" list.

6. Suggest : Refreshes the "Suggestions" list.

It can be annoying at first, but as soon as you start Adding words to your dictionary, this becomes less of a hassle and will typically only prompt for "real" spelling errors. Try it!


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This is much needed tool because we are not a good writer and our english is also bad so grammar and spelling checker must be there on your first click.

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