Monday, June 23, 2014

MSCRM 2013: Cool (Free!) Inline Grid Editor

There are a number of cool add ons for MSCRM 2013, one of my favorite time savers is the Editable Grid  from Sonoma Partners.  This free solution turns your existing Account, Contact, Opportunity and Case Views into editable grids.   

Here's a link to the download:

Once you have imported and published the Solution (if you don't have sufficient permissions to do this, ask your System Administrator to do it for you), navigate to any entity to see it in action.  

For this example, we are using Accounts:

The menu options look the same, until I place a check next to one or more account names.  Notice the "Edit Records" button:

*Note- depending which entity you are in, "Edit Records" may be listed in the 'More Commands' section:

Clicking "Edit Records" opens a new window with all the records and columns in the current view that are part of the Account entity:

Email (Primary Contact) is not displayed in the Edit Records window because it is actually part of the Contact record, Not the Account record.

To update data, click in the cell and start typing:

Notice that modified records are identified with a red exclamation point.  You may save and close this window, or choose not to save your changes:

You can't edit composite fields like the Contact field "Full Name" in the inline editor, instead edit first name and/or last name.  Just make sure to add whatever fields you would like to edit to the View.



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