Monday, June 23, 2014

MSCRM 2013: Fun With Advanced Find

If you're a CRM guru, you already know that Advanced Find is your best friend when it comes to getting a handle on what's happening in your CRM.  You can get lots of answers, you just have to know what to ask and how to ask it.

Some examples-

Want to see what's been going on with your organization's Open Opportunities, aka who's doing what?  Try setting up an Advanced Find like this:

The Results will list all the Activities (Phone calls, emails, tasks, appointments) related to the Open Opportunities:

Trouble with email messages?  Use Advanced Find to look for email messages:

The Results will show all email messages and their Status reason- sent, received, draft (often an issue with the "From" email address) and pending send (possibly stuck):

Verify the integrity of your data- Use Advanced Find to search for blank fields.  In this example, I need to make sure that all crm users who are listed as Account owners have their Job Title and Phone number filled in on their user record because I'm using this information in a mail merge template.

I set up my Advanced Find like this:

The results show that there are 2 users with no data in the Title field on their user record.

As you can see, Advanced Find is very powerful and allows great insight into your data.



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