Thursday, August 28, 2014

GoldMine : Alarming Everything... And Dealing with the Consequences

Certainly, in GoldMine, you may alarm every kind of Activity Type. This is done by checking the Alarm box directly on the "Schedule a..." window in GoldMine. Advanced Alarmers will sometimes set the alarm date/time specifically, depending on what kind of window they want before their activity. For instance, if I schedule an appointment that's an hour away, the default ten minute lead time isn't enough.

And, of course, Alarms summon the Alarms Window. This is the "screen pop" that happens when GoldMine is open, and from here you can do a few different things;

1. Click "OFF" to turn the selected Alarm off permanently. The scheduled item is left intact.

2. Click "Snooze" to delay the next alarm screen-pop by X minutes. You can choose your favorite interval.

3. Click "Ignore" to snooze for one minute only.

4. Click "Suspend Alarms" to prevent any further alarms until you restart GoldMine.

5. Click "Show/Hide Notes" to inspect the scheduled items' Notes.

6. Click "Delete" (in the lower left-hand corner) to DELETE THE SCHEDULED ITEM. This is the same as if you deleted it from the Calendar. And just as irreversible.

7. "Complete" works as you would expect, it completes the selected Alarmed Item.

8. "Schedule", "Attach a Process" and "View Contact" all work as you might expect; they bring you to those areas of GoldMine when clicked.

What no one ever talks about is "When" to Alarm. The Boss will typically say "Alarm Everything, because Everything is important!" And, in his defense, that's true. But what happens when there are Too Many Alarms? For starters, the scheduled user will get into the habit of continually clicking "Suspend Alarms" because they are annoyed by the constant screen-pop. From what I observe in the field, a better result is achieved through alarming priority items; allowing the presence of an Alarm to denote importance versus being a simple nagging reminder.

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