Thursday, August 28, 2014

GoldMine : Using the Notes Tab Effectively

I see this on a weekly basis; the Notes tab comes up as a problem. Whether I'm upgrading an older GoldMine to the latest build, or trying to report on history, this can always present itself as a challenge. The reasons are thus;

- The notes tab is free-form HTML text. As such, is usually riddled with carriage returns and all manner of nonsense. Exportation becomes tricky to anything other than, say, Excel or directly into a SQL server. Kiss any kind of text-file export goodbye.

- Depending on the version of GoldMine you're running, the Notes tab is limited. Which means it's running out at the bottom. No, really. If you've been tracking a decade of call history in the Notes tab, you might want to scroll down and make sure years 1-3 are still there.

Technical Note: GMPE 8.5 and up is not affected by the notes limitation.

- Reporting is painful. There's no way to differentiate between Calls and Appointments. What was just a simple note, and what was actual action for the client? So, any kind of meaningful measurement like "Calls per day" becomes impossible. 

In my experience, the Notes tab excels in one thing; storing general info about the client. I've seen driving directions, parking validation procedures, shipping instructions, kids names, you name it. Which is all good stuff to have, but it's general. It doesn't run on for pages and pages. 

Remember, the History tab is there to record all your Calls, Appointments, Actions, etc. It's reportable and unlimited.

Pro Tip : The Notes tab can be disabled on a per-user (or global) basis in Tools | Options | Record | Tabs.

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