Monday, August 25, 2014

MSCRM 2013: SPRING ’14 Update- Social Listening

The Spring ’14 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM brought some notable changes, among them is Social Listening.  Social Listening is a service that monitors social media.  This service is included at no cost if your organization has a minimum of 10 Professional Licenses.  It can also be purchased separately (Dynamics CRM and Social Listening must be on the same Office 365 tenant to integrate).  

Let's walk through the set up.  First, you will receive a notification from Microsoft if Social Listening has been included with your Dynamics CRM subscription.  Upon receipt of this notification, click the link to get started:

Once you've signed in to Social Listening, you'll notice it has the same look and feel as Dynamics CRM 2013.  Set up your searches by clicking on the logo, then select SETTINGS:


Finally, Click the “Add search topic” to define your searches:

For more detailed information on setting up searches, click here:

Once you have your Social Listening searches defined, integrating with Dynamics CRM is easy.  You must have System Customizer or System Administrator security role.    
Sign into CRM, Navigate to SettingsèAdministration,  select Microsoft Social Listening Configuration:

After accepting the Disclaimer, select your Solution.  After clicking the Select button, it will be greyed out, confirming your selection:

Finally, we can create a Dashboard for Social Listening results.  Click SettingsèNavigationèCustomize the System.  Select Dashboards and click on New:

In this example, we select the 3-Column Overview dashboard, click Create:

Give your Dashboard a Name, then click the “Insert Social Insights” icon:

Select Search Topic:

Select a Topic for the Chart:

Then Select the Chart to Display:

Repeat for each Chart on your Dashboard.  Save and Close when you are finished:

Don't forget to Publish!  Locate your new Dashboard:

Every Part of the Dashboard is clickable and will take you to Microsoft Social Listening for detailed analysis.


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