Monday, August 25, 2014


When you are using most of the modules Zoho CRM has to offer,  often times you find yourself hunting across the top navigation bar and down the over-spill list for the name of the module you need to use.  Use the Tab Group feature to better organize your modules and make them easier to find.  Tab Groups are kind of like folders.  You create a Tab Group and then place modules into that group.  When you select that Tab Group ONLY the modules associated with that Tab Group are displayed in the navigation bar.

To create a Tab Group:  Set up -> Tab Groups -> Create Tab Group
Give your Tab Group a meaningful name and select the modules for the Tab Group by clicking on the module name in the Available Modules list then clicking the right pointing arrow to add the module to the selected module list.  For example, you might want to have a Tab Group called Marketing, that includes Campaigns and Leads.  You can also assign which Profiles will have access to the Tab Groups you're creating

To Use a Tab Group: Mouse over the area next to your company Logo to reveal the select arrow
This is the tricky part!  You've created your Tab Groups easily enough, now how do you use them?  Simply mouse over the area of your screen next to your logo to reveal the Tab Group Select Arrow. Click on the Arrow and Select the name of the Tab Group you want to use.


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