Monday, September 29, 2014

GoldMine : Streamlining Scheduling

In the Date field when scheduling an activity, instead of typing in a date or using the lookup to bring up a calendar, type in 1D. Then, when you tab or click to the next field the date will be set for 1 day from today.

Do you want to schedule the activity 2 days from now? Just type in 2D; and for 3 days 3D.
D works for Days, W for Weeks, and M for Months. So to schedule something 2 months from now, just type in 2M!

Sometimes you have an activity that you want to complete on a particular day, but it doesn’t matter what time you do it. In the Time field, you can prioritize activities instead of scheduling specific times. Instead of entering a time, simply enter A, B, etc. and GoldMine will prioritize them in alphabetical order according to your notations.

Please note: Prioritizing activities means they will show up in the Task portion of your Calendar, but will not be assigned a block of time, so we recommend you use this shortcut for flexible activities only. All activities will also appear in your Activity list.

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