Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ZOHO CRM - You can put help tips and hidden fields on Web forms!

Zoho CRM provides an easy drag and drop interface to create a form you can host on your website. When the form is completed and submitted it will create a record in your CRM from the data entered into the fields on the form. There are Lead, Contact and Case forms.

Easy enough to drag and field onto the form, but here's the tip... after you add the field to the form, mouse over the field to expose the settings icon (see below).  Click the settings icon to bring up the Field Properties window where you can choose to make the field a hidden field, mandatory, and add a hint next to the field that can help your website visitor determine how to complete the field.  You can also change the Label here, if you'd rather the label on your form be something different than your field name.


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