Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crystal Reports : Hiding Report Sections

Okay, so a report is made up of Sections, right? The Report Header/Footer, the Page Header/Footer, Details, etc. And we are able to Hide or Reveal any section we want within the designer by right-clicking and choosing the appropriate item.

1. Right-click on the Section name on the left hand section of the designer.

2. Select Hide or Suppress, depending on your need.

Hide will still allow you to "Drill Down" and see the section in question.

Suppress will not allow you to reveal the section at all until you right-click on it and select Show.

3. OK your way out.

A great use for this is when you're dealing with a Report made entirely of aggregates, that is, mostly Footers and Summaries. You can add columns to the Detail section to inspect and troubleshoot problems and simply Hide it again when finished.

Pro Tip: As always, you can drive these values with a Crystal Formula! For instance, you could even provide a parameter for the end user to be able to control Section visibility. 


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