Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GoldMine : Changing Your Interface

...and by Interface, I am talking about the top Tabstrip above your Contact Record. You know, where all the separate windows open up when you invoke them (E-Mail Center, Calendar, etc).

But did you know you can "go back" to the older style windowed interface? It's true. All you need do is click on the small tab at the left of the strip, the one with the four boxes on it. This will release all your tabs into windows.

To switch back, simply maximize and of the new windows; your Tabs should be back where they started.

But why do I care about this? Sure, it's a neat trick, but does it DO anything? Actually, it allows you to;

- Select Window | New Contact Window from the top level menu to get two Contact records on the screen at once.

- Certain functions in GoldMine, like "Merge Visible Records" require you to use the windowed interface.

- If you use multiple monitors, it allows you to arrange different GoldMine windows wherever you want them, and they're always visible.

Give it a shot!


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