Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GoldMine : Tagged Records

Did you know that you can "tag" Contact Records within your Search Center, making them a "pseudo-group"?

When viewing results in your Search Center, you can check the box on the left of each row to Tag the record in question. Once one or more records are Tagged, this becomes an "Active Filter", which means it can work with all the Filter-aware function of GoldMine. These include Building a Group, Merging an Template, Global Replace, etc.

Keep in mind that once you Tag records, they will remain Tagged (and therefore the Active Filter) until you Un-Tag them (right click within the Search Center, select Release All) or restart GoldMine.

Couple this functionality with the ability to conduct multi-level Searches (click the plus sign button in the top right of the Search Center, and you've got a very powerful tool.


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