Friday, December 26, 2014

MSCRM 2013: How to Create a Dynamic Marketing List

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Marketing Lists are used to send marketing materials to prospective or current customers.  Marketing Lists can be targeted at Accounts, Contacts, or Leads.

Create a Marketing List 

Navigate to Marketing==>Marketing Lists

Click the “+ NEW” button and enter the required fields on the form.  For List Type, select Static if you prefer to add or remove members manually.   For our purposes, we'll select Dynamic to use a dynamic query that retrieves the updated list of members.  A Static copy of a Dynamic Marketing may be made, more on that later.

Note: Members cannot be added to a Marketing List until it is Saved/Created.

Once you have saved your Marketing List,  Add Members either by clicking on Manage Members or clicking the “+” (add New icon):  

Create a new query or use an existing View.  In this example, we want Active Contacts in PA: 

Click "Find" to preview the list of records returned by the query.  When you are satisfied, Click "Use Query".  Now the current members of the Marketing List are displayed on the form:

Individual members cannot be added or removed from a Dynamic Marketing list, only the Query can be modified.  Since this list is dynamic, it will change as your Contact records change.  To preserve at "snapshot" of the Contacts in the Marketing List at a given time, click on the COPY TO STATIC button:

A copy of the Marketing List with the date/time appended to it is created.  

That's it, N'joy!


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