Monday, February 2, 2015

Crystal Reports : What you need to know about SQL Expression Fields

I'll be honest, I rarely use these. But they can be really powerful on a MSSQL back-end. The first thing you need to know is that they allow you to submit TSQL directly to the server.

So, if I was after the Year value of a date field, the Crystal Formula would look like this;


...where the SQL Expression would use native Transact SQL, like this;


The big difference is how these two recordsets are generated. If I plug this into the Select Expert using Crystal Formulas, ALL records are downloaded from the server, and THEN the formula is processed. If you use the SQL Expression, it becomes a part of the Crystal SQL Statement, and only SELECTs the appropriate rows.

But it wouldn't work with, say, Access, or Interbase. The SQL Expressions are server-specific. What works with MSSQL may need a different syntax for Oracle or mySQL. But if you're reporting against millions of rows, this could dramatically reduce refresh times.

I've also seen it used in hyper-specialized environments to call Custom SQL Functions, as the SQL Expression is just a code-delivery system. Any exposed SQL object, including three-part qualifiers, should be allowed. I.e. DATABASE.DBO.TABLE.


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