Monday, February 2, 2015

GoldMine : Setting Up AutoFill

When is the last time you were typing something in a box and DIDN'T see it start to automatically fill itself? I'll tell you when; the last time you used GoldMine.

Until now! Rejoice, for Auto-Fill can be enabled on a per-field basis.

1. Click into the field in question, and bring up the lookup window by hitting F2 or clicking the grey arrow to the right. This is why sometimes you will see these referred to as "F2 Lookups".

2. Click the "Setup" button.

3. Check the box labeled "Auto Fill", then OK you way back.

You'll notice that now as you type within the field, it will try and predict which picklist item you are trying to select. Keep in mind the Auto Fill is only as smart as your picklist; it can only predict against items within that list.

Fun Fact : Back "in the day", you could also invoke F2 lookups by right-clicking within the field. Anyone running GoldMine BEFORE version 8 should be able to do this.

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