Monday, March 9, 2015

Crystal Reports : Hiding Scary Sections

While designing a report, you may find it helpful to Suppress (hide) sections, easily Revealing them later.

Within Crystal, right-click on the Section name on the left hand section of the designer.
Then select Hide or Suppress, depending on your need.

Hide will still allow you to "Drill Down" and see the section in question.
Suppress will not allow you to reveal the section at all until you right-click on it and select Show.

This technique is commonly used to reveal and/or hide "troubleshooting" areas of the report. For instance, I find it helpful to drag a few fields into the Detail section when trying to figure out why a Summary isn't totaling as expected. When I'm finished troubleshooting, I simply Suppress the Details section, in case I need easy access to that information again.

Pro Tip : Throw your troubleshooting fields into a new Report Section, insulating them from the rest of the report.  

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