Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crystal Reports : To Portrait is Easy, to Landscape is Divine

When you're working within the Designer, keep in mind that your "real estate" is dependent upon the currently selected printer. Crystal will honor both your Landscape/Portrait and page size settings.

Simply go to File | Page Setup and select your favorite settings!

Some helpful hints:

1. Landscape is almost always better. Portrait is for chumps. Especially when you're printing rows out of the Detail section. Even if you're not going to necessarily need all that room right now, you will someday.

2. Bigger is better; don't be afraid to increase your page size during development to make things easier to move around in the designer. I'm a big fan of Legal size. And you can always dial it back before deploying to production.

Have some fun and live large!   

1 comment:

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