Thursday, March 5, 2015

GoldMine : Process Monitor of the Damned

Do you hate the Process Monitor?

You know what I mean; that stupid floaty window that appears whenever you send an e-mail. On older systems, the length of "float time" required to show it could be ridiculous. And that's IF it appears where it should. Sometimes it will "get stuck" in the upper left hand corner. Occasionally it will also undock itself and be a general nuisance.

So, how do we control the Process Monitor?

1. Tools | Process Monitor
     This menu item turns the Process Monitor on or off.

2. Show as MDI Window

     Within the Process Monitor, right-click on the top grey bar (where the buttons are), and select "Show as MDI Window". This turns the Process Monitor into a tab, which is how I like mine.

3. [ProcMon] INI Settings

     If your Process Monitor is royally screwed up, consider deleting the [ProcMon] settings from your USERNAME.INI file. Depending on your version of GoldMine, [ProcessMonitor_MDIChild] may be present and should also be deleted. This will reset your Process Monitor preferences to default. Advanced users only; always backup before editing.

Have at it and good luck.

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