Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ZOHO CRM - Changing the Workflow Rule Order

The order in which Workflow Rules are executed can be VERY important, especially if you have multiple rules triggered by the same action.

For example, you might have a Custom Function that updates fields in a record when the record is created and you may also have alerts that are triggered when a record is created.  If the Alerts contain the fields updated by the Custom Function, you want to make sure that the Custom Function is triggered first, then the Alert so that the updated field information is included in the Alert.

The default is based on the order in which the Rules are created, but you can change the order after the fact.  Here's how:

  • Setup->Automation
  • Choose the module whose Rules you wish to ReOrder:
  • The Grey box turns into a Reorder Rules Button - click the button

  • Click and drag the rules to their desired order and click save.


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