Monday, March 2, 2015

ZOHO CRM - NOTES OPTIONS: Title and Attachments

With Zoho CRM you can add multiple Notes to any record by opening the record, scrolling down past the detailed fields (or hiding the detailed fields by clicking the ... symbol) and dropping your cursor inside the top, empty note field.  The NOTE you add is automatically time-tagged and you are automatically identified as the generator of the NOTE.

You can also

  • add a Title to the note by clicking the "Add a title" link,
  • add an attachment to the note by clicking the paperclip icon


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Crick said...

Can links be embedded into the note field? Using tags didn't do the trick...

Suzanne Kirkland said...

@Crick - Links can be added to a record separately. Open the record, and on the right, under the quick actions you'll see Links with an Add button. Click the Add button to add a link to your record. Note if you don't see Quick Actions on the right, click the >> icon to expose the quick actions. Hope this helps!

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