Saturday, April 25, 2015

MSCRM 2015: Displaying Data from One Entity on the Form of Another Entity (Part 2)

Part 2 will focus on displaying data from one entity on the form of another entity through mappings. As a reminder, here is the scenario:
The sales representative is preparing a quote for a customer and they want to see the mailing address that the account has on file. The out-of-the-box quote form allows the sales rep to manually type in an address but why do this when you can automatically get the address directly from the account record?
1.       First, we need to create the quote field where the account address will be mapped. Go to the Quote form editor and create a new field. I’m going to call mine “Potential Customer Address” with a data type of “Multiple Lines of Text”. Add the field to your form, save, and publish.
2.       Next, let’s create the mapping. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.
3.       In my scenario, I’m going to need a 1:N relationship within the Account entity because one account can have many quotes.
4.       When I look at the 1:N relationships for Accounts, I see that I already have a relationship with the Quote entity so I’m going to modify it instead of creating a new one.
5.       On the Account to Quote relationship screen, select Mappings from the left menu. Then create New.
6.       Choose the source field from the Account (Address 1) and the target field from the Quote (Potential Customer Address that we created in step 1).
7.       Remember to publish your customizations!
8.       For testing, I’ll head back to the account form and create a new quote from here. (Note: mappings are designed to work when creating a new target entity (quote) record from the source (account) entity.) When I do this, I see that the “Potential Customer Address” is already populated with the correct information. Voila!


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