Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SalesForce.com: Settings for “Deploy change sets from sandbox to production”

In order for change sets to be moved from your sandbox to production, the following settings need to be verified and set.  For your reference:

Settings to be validated in production org
  • Click on Setup – Deploy – Sandbox
  • Ensure the sandbox is set right.

  • Click on Deploy – Deployment Settings. Select the deployment option to allow deployment of components.

Settings to be validated in Sandbox org
  • Step 1:  Set the permission sets by clicking on setup -> Manage Users -> Permission Set.  Select the permission set to edit the settings.  Click System Permissions to assign the correct permissions.  Verify that "create and uploade change sets" is checked (if not, check it).  Save the permission set.

  • Step 2: Building the OutBound Change Sets by clicking on Setup -> Deploy -> Outbound Change Sets.  Click on New and provide a name for change set.

While adding the change sets, remember to add the permission set as well and upload to prod org.

Written by Prabha Krishnamurthy


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