Sunday, May 31, 2015 Limitations with Task Triggers and Attachments

Notes and attachments are standard SalesForce objects and are limited to have any custom fields defined. However, the parent object they are associated with can have a custom field that can be updated on changes made in Notes and attachment object.  

There is an exception to this rule and if the parent object is an Activity (Task), then the custom field of this object can be updated only when there is an insert trigger happening on associated attachment object. Any updates to an attachment object will not trigger change on the custom field of Task object.

This is an existing limitation in SalesForce and please note that trigger on attachment will not have any impact on Task object for update or delete. In this case define trigger on the Task object instead of attachment object. For other parent objects, the trigger can be defined directly on the attachment object.

Written by Prabha Krishnamurthy


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