Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crystal Reports : Using JOINs to Test for Missing Records

Take this example; you want to print a list of customers without history. Sounds easy, right? But you will quickly find out this is trickier than at first glance.

We have two tables, CONTACTS and HISTORY. They are joined on a field called CUSTNUM, like so; CONTACTS.CUSTNUM = HISTORY.CUSTNUM.

However, when you define your table linking in Crystal, it assumes you want an INNER JOIN, which will only return rows from CONTACTS where there is at least one corresponding row in HISTORY.

1. Go into the Visual Linking Expert and right-click on the JOIN line between your tables. Select Options.
2. Change the JOIN type to RIGHT OUTER. Ok your way out.
3. Now, provide a selection criteria (in the Select Expert) as a formula and use the following:


Which is the Crystal Syntax for HISTORY.CUSTNUM IS NULL (for those SQL folks out there).

You'll notice now that your report is only printing Customers where there are NO corresponding rows in HISTORY.


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