Monday, June 29, 2015

GoldMine : Filtering in the 21st Century

Okay, so the idea was to talk about how cool and easy it is to use Filters within the Search Center. And as cool as that is, your average user doesn't particularly care; when using the Search Center they're after one Contact. 

So, instead of seeing the Search Center as a place when we can SEE Filters, let us think of it as a way to BUILD Filters. Anyone who has used the Filter Builder (which is still available under Tools | Filters) will know the pain involved with this.

To do this;

1. Open up your Search Center by clicking on "Search" from the top Toolbar.

2. Use the "+" (plus) and "-" (minus) buttons in the upper right hand corner to add or remove levels to your Search.

3. To save this as a Filter, click the Save button in the upper left hand corner, then select Save As Filter.

4. You'll be prompted to give the Filter a name. You'll also notice that when you Save this Filter, it's saved "for you", that is; under your Username. Hit Ok.

Now the Filter is available and can be used anywhere Filters are applicable.

*Pro Tip: When adding levels to your Search, you can change the connectors between them from AND to OR by using the drop down provided to the left of each level.

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