Thursday, June 25, 2015

ZOHO CAMPAIGNS - how to easily reach all those recipients that didn't open your email...

Hopefully, as a Zoho CRM user, you are aware of the advantage of integrating Zoho Campaigns with your CRM account.  (If not, please see our earlier post!)

Campaigns is a nice little tool for email marketing, providing valuable feedback from each recipient - did they open the email, did they click any links in the email, or did it bounce?

Chain Campaign is a handy, built-in feature that allows you to target only those recipients that didn't open your first email.

To create a Chain Campaign...
  • Open the original Campaign
  • Click the 'chain' icon

You can then update the content of the email to try to improve your open rate.

Use the 'Send mail to' button to target a follow-up email to those recipients that did open your first email.

Use Social Share to share your email campaign on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.