Monday, July 27, 2015

GoldMine : The Search for Spock

Yes, I've been binging Netflix all weekend. And, as my fellow nerds will be quick to point out; this is arguably the worst film in the franchise. But, seriously, if Spock was in our GoldMine database, how would we find him? More importantly, how would we find him if someone screwed up his record?

1. Set your default Search Field.

Go to Tools | Options | Lookup. You can select "Contact" or "Company" to be the default lookup field. By far and away, people like to use "Contact" here. This way, every time you hit "Search" from the toolbar, it will bring up the Search Center in Contact search mode.

So you hit "Search" and type in "Spock", but nothing comes up. You begin to wonder; was Spock a first or last name?

2. Try searching on Last Name.

From the Search Center drop down list, find and select "Last". A quicker way to get there is to actually double-click on the Lastname field right on the Contact Record. (Not IN the field, just double-click the field label)  

ProTip : If you ever get lost in the "Search By" list (like I do sometimes), just close and re-open the Search Center.

Still can't find him?

3. Try using Contains.

From the Search Center, select "Contains" from the center drop down list. This controls which operator is used for the search. Using "Contains" on just the Lastname field isn't particularly useful, however. Switch your Search back to Contact and try now.

Lo and behold, the search is over. But I think at some point there was a confusion of Spocks.

4. Always ensure good data is originally entered.

In this case, someone made a little note about him in the Contact field. But the Lastname field is not too bright; it simply uses the last word in the Contact field. Also note the "Doctor" is present, which should actually be put into the Prefix (Dear) field.

The real danger is that a duplicate Spock could be added to the database. Keep in mind that most searching is happening during phone conversations, so if a user can't immediately find what they're looking for, they'll add it as a new record.

Pro Tip : In times of utter desperation, try searching for an e-mail address; by design, this is unique for everyone.


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