Sunday, November 29, 2015 - Using Advanced Notes (Part 2)

Now, that we've enabled the enhanced notes, adding them to the form as a related list, we're now ready to start using the notes.

On the account form (or any other object that you added the "Notes" related list), find the Notes area at the top (next to the old "Notes and Attachments" list that will ONLY show older non-enhanced notes).

Once on there, you'll see the "Add Note" button on the list.

This will create a new enhanced note record.  Couple of points here on the enhanced note:

  • You can use things like bold, italics, underline for the fonts.  Can't do colors just yet....
  • You can do lists now!  This is priceless for me as I'm a big user of bullet points.
  • You can share the notes, you can do a lot more as well if you're using Chatter in SalesForce.
Now, just a piece of advice (something that drives me a little nuts), when you create a new note it is automatically saving.  I don't have to save it and it will save it and list a blank note under the account record.  Good and bad I guess, take a shot and play with it to see how your users can take advantage of this newer feature.

Also, if you do save the record, the note will stay on the screen and NOT return you to the parent record or object.  You'll have to use the menu on the right (the sharing) to jump back to the record.