Wednesday, December 2, 2015

GoldMine : Filtering out your Holiday List

  So, that was the hard part; creating the new field. Now that our sales force has gone ahead and filled in the field properly, we can now

2. Filter out records based on the new Holiday List field.

  Filtering and Searching in GoldMine nowadays are pretty much the same thing. This is the biggest reason why using a custom-field approach is easiest for the end user.

 a. Bring up the Search Center, either by clicking the "Search" button on the toolbar or double-clicking the Holiday Card field label. The search we are after is very simple, "Holiday Card begins with Yes".


 b. Now that we are satisfied with our search parameters, we can save this as a Filter. Click Save, then Save as Filter from the top left of the search center.

 Give the Filter a friendly name as shown below, then hit Ok.


  Because this is now a Filter, as records are marked as part of our Holiday List they magically appear within the filter. So, every year we need not mess around with anything else. If you want, specify "(public)" for the Filter user to ensure all GoldMine users can see it.