Wednesday, December 2, 2015

GoldMine : Marking records for your Holiday Mailing List

  Yes, it's that dreaded time again; when we must organize and execute the Holiday Mailing List. This is one of the most requested GoldMine service items we get during the holiday season, and here is what hours of sweat and tears have taught me.

1. Identify records in GoldMine as part of the Mailing List.

  Keep it simple. Over the years, I've seen clients struggle with using combinations of "Customer Type" and sales data to determine who should get a Christmas card. And on the other end of the spectrum, I've seen clients become deluged with returned mail because they just "sent it to all he customers".

 As distasteful as it may seem, the best way to identify a record for anything is with a dedicated custom field. We'll create a field called UHOLIDAY, shown below;

  a. Right-click on the GoldMine contact record and select "New Field".

  b. Click the "New Field" button on the next window, then enter in your field details as shown below. Then hit OK.


 c. Place the new field somewhere convenient on the record by dragging it with the mouse. Once you position it, GoldMine may show a Field Properties window. Simply hit Ok.


 d. GoldMine will then warn you that the field does not exist and it needs to rebuild the database. ALL GoldMine users need to be logged out for this to happen properly.


  e. Now provide a "Yes" option in the lookup list for your new field. 


  So, then, the idea is to fill this field with a Yes to put them on the Holiday Mailing List. To "get the ball rolling", you may choose to globally fill this field based on Customer Type, Acct Mgr, etc. And the first year or two may need a little fine tuning, but going forward this really is the simplest way. 


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