Wednesday, December 2, 2015

MSCRM 2015 - Quick View Filtering

One function that I find to be useful when I want to see certain records, is the filter in views. If you're looking to narrow down records quickly, you can use the filter and save it for later if it's a common view that you'll need. In this example, I'm filtering to show contacts that have an email address and phone number.

1. First, click the small funnel icon in the upper right corner of the view.
2. Dropdown arrows will appear next to each column heading where you can specify how you want to filter the data.
3. In this example, I chose the "Contains Data" filter. You could also choose a custom filter if you'd like to filter for a specific value or values.
4. Once your filters are set, you can save the current view as a new view or update the existing view.


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