Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Zoho CRM - Replacing a Pick List value Best Practice

We change our minds sometimes, right?  One day, the name for a pick list option seems perfect and maybe 2 weeks later you realize that another name is even more perfect and you want to change the name of that pick list option.  But... in the meantime, you may have created records that have that option selected for the field.  You can update the pick list value in Setup, but it won't update the existing records.  The answer is the Replace option...

To start go to Setup (upper right) -> Customization -> Modules

  • Select the module from the drop down list
  • In the display of fields available for that module click the gear wheel next to the field whose value you want to change and click Edit properties
  • ADD the new value, but DO NOT remove the old value yet!
    • Add new value by hovering over the value under which the new value will appear in the list and click the "+" sign on the right.  Type in the new value.
  • Click Modify to save the new value as an option in the list
  • Again, click the gear wheel next to the same field and this time choose "Replace Values"
  • Choose the Existing value in the top list
  • Choose the new value in the bottom list
  • Click Replace.


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