Sunday, January 31, 2016 - How to Enable and Create Tags (Tags Part#1)

Tags are used to label records without creating additional views or custom fields to group records.

To enable tag settings, Go to setup -> search for tag settings on quick find search box.

Enable the check box for personal tags and public tags.  Tags are defined as:
  • Personal tags -> Only the owner user can access the tag.
  • Public tags -> All users in the org can access

While enabling the tags, you can select the layouts where you would like to see the “Add tags” option.

Once after Tags are enabled and customized, you will see the “Add Tags” option on the layout.  For example, while creating an account, you would see something like below on tag enablement on the layout.

Then click on Add tags and add personal/public tags as required.

Tip provided by Prahba Krishnamurthy