Wednesday, February 3, 2016

GoldMine : Why aren't you disqualifying leads?

  What is missing from this picture?


  It is a list of values for our Customer Type field. The idea being, of course, that Leads progress naturally from Suspect to Prospect to Customer. In a perfect world this would be so. However, what this list sorely needs - and what I always see missing - is "Disqualified" or "Dead".

 Here is what I do usually see; years of Prospect records churning themselves into nothing. Databases growing to 100k+ records when only 20k are useful. Like that kid from the Sixth Sense seeing dead people, I see Service Calls.

  What I mean is this; with no real mechanism to Disqualify or otherwise purge useless leads from your system, you will experience the following;

1. You risk spending employee time on churning useless leads.

2. If it goes unchecked for years, it can impact database performance.

3. This is where I am usually brought in as a Consultant. We then try to figure out how much of the database is "useless" using complicated logic and SQL queries. This can get expensive and you risk losing good leads in the process. 

  This whole nightmare can be avoided by adding a Contact Type of "Disqualified".

1. Add the item to your Customer Type field picklist. 

2. Educate your users on what's it there for.

3. Periodically review your "Disqualified List" by using the Search Center to filter on Contact Type. 

4. Periodically Delete or otherwise archive Disqualified leads. 

 Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is, try it!