Tuesday, March 29, 2016

ZOHO CRM - Signatures Explained

There are two types of signatures in Zoho CRM - one is your User Signature and the other is a Mail signature...


Set your User Signature:

  • Setup->Personal Settings
  • Scroll down to Signature Area
  • Click Edit (on the right)
This opens an html editor for you to use to create a signature.  It can include, images, lines, etc... have fun and create something really unique!

Use the User Signature - when creating Email templates, you have the option to attach a User Signature when the Email template is used for in Worklfow.  It is this User Signature that is attached to the email.


Set Mail Signatures:
  • Email Tab
  • Click Settings (upper right in gray)
  • Click Signatures in left hand menu
  • Click Add Signature button and choose associated email account (if you have more than one)
This too opens the html editor for creative signature making!  

The email signatures are used by the email client when sending an email directly with the email client (similar to outlook, and other email clients).

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