Sunday, April 24, 2016

ZOHO CRM - Mobile App - Find Contacts near me feature...

We all know that the Zoho CRM Mobile App is great for salespeople on the go, but I wanted to point out what I think is the BEST feature the mobile app has to offer... "Contacts near me".

When you Tap on Contacts, the default view is your list of contacts, but if you tap again on the View title at the top you are presented with a list of alternative views:

Choosing Contacts Near Me results in this Map display:

All the contacts in your database within a defined* radius to your location are represented by a clickable pushpin.  Tap once on the push pin to identify the contact, tap again to get to the phone number and tap a third time to dial.

*Radius is configured under settings -> Search Settings - slide bar sets the radius in either miles or km.

This view is also available for Leads!

NOTE - finding this view in the new mobile app - Click on the "map" icon:


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