Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GoldMine : Driving Color with Expressions

Back "in the day", GoldMine was the king of dBase. All of those expressions are still available, even within Field Properties;

One of the truly unsung features of GoldMine is the ability to conditionally change a data value color based on what the data value is.

Let us take the Source field for example. We'll imagine that if a Contact Records' Source field is set to "Direct Mail", then it should be in red.

We need to first get into the Field Properties:

1. Right-click on the Source field (on the word "Source", not inside the field)
2. Select Field Properties (your GoldMine user must have "master" rights to do this)
3. Go to the Color Tab

Now we need to provide the expression to control the color based on Field Value.

4. Click on the Expression radio button near the bottom, under "Data Color"
5. Paste the following text into the Expression textbox:

iif(CONTACT1->source="Direct Mail", 255, 0)

6. Ok your way out

Now, whenever "Direct Mail" is chosen for Source, the Field Value will be in red.

ProTip: The "255" represents the color red in the above expression. To see the numbers for the other colors, simply use a "Fixed Color". Select the color you want; you'll notice that the corresponding color number is displayed in the Expression textbox.


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