Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Salesforce.com -- Creating a Custom App To Add Your Company’s Logo or to Create Default Tabs

This one here is a little longer than our standard tip, so let’s call this Tip 1 & 2. 

Ever want to get a default “company wide” set of tabs, or maybe display the company logo in Salesforce.com.  While we all like seeing the latest Salesforce.com logo in the upper left depending on the time of year, sometimes you want to show your company logo instead.  How do we do both?  Well, you have to create a custom “app” or list on the app launcher (that thing on the right that says “Sales”, “Service”, etc.).  Here’s how:

Go to Setup, then search for “apps” in the search menu.  Click on “Apps” below the create menu on the left.

This is the list of Apps.  Click New here.

Give it a name and click Next

The next screen, you’ll need your logo (for those that want this part).  There are some instructions on the sizing and such, which you have to be careful so as not to shrink or “squish” it.  The worst part though is you can’t just upload your photo.  The logo has to be stored somewhere in SalesForce (like the documents area – that’s what I use).  I think you can also do external references to docs (URL’s), but never really messed with that.  Just a note though, you do have to mark it as “externally available”.

If you like the seasonal logos, just click next to move on.  Now choose the tabs you want available to the users when they choose this app. 

Finally you should choose which profiles and away we go.  Click Save and you’re done.  Voila!