Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Salesforce.com – Editing Quote Templates

Kind of a continuation of the tips last month, this month we’re going to look deeper into the quote template that is used to print out your quotes.  Assuming at this point we know how to create a quote and the inner workings of the quote (such as syncing to update the parent opportunity), we’re going to look deeper at editing the PDF that comes out of the quote dialog.

Go to Setup and search for “templates”.  That’s easiest for me.  Find “Templates” under the Quote heading.  Go ahead and click on that….  Here you’ll see the standard quote and even options for new quotes. 

Here we’re going to click New, so we can leave the standard one alone and then just copy/edit/change the standard (a clone of the standard as that’s where they start you anyway).  Here we’ll base our new one off the Standard and just rename it.  Then Save it.

The good news on the next page is that it’s similar to the form designer.  The bad news is that you have other items like “header” and you have other options to add and remove fields from other objects (like the account or opportunity).

On the image above, I’m going to click the quote items related list to add a column (much like you would do on a form).  Once on the screen, I’ve made some changes (moving things around, adding the description, etc.).

Save the form and only one last step.  We have to activate this new quote at the quote template screen we were at before. 

Once activated, you’re all set.  A little tip, if you only want to use one template you should deactivate the standard one.  However, if you have more than one active you’ll have the choice of which template you need.  When I test it, it looks like this now: