Saturday, June 25, 2016 - Public Groups and Why

So had a client recently that needed to segregate out their accounts, but wanted true visibility across all accounts when needed.  Normally we might use ownership to do this, but if we use ownership we run into the issue where we've locked down the entire databases, using the hierarchy where only management can see all records.  As I said, in this situation we want to "territorial-ize" Salesforce, but also keep it open.

Here's where we started....  We started by creating account and contact views for every territory.  Not too bad as there are 10 or so territories, but it gets a big uglier if we start breaking out further by customer type.  For instance, "NY/NJ Accounts" isn't bad -- "NY/NJ Prospects" and "NY/NJ Customers" just created 3 different views.  Multiply that by the 10 territories and we've now got 30 views.

Is this a pain, not to create as it's a one and done and whatever's easier for the client.  However, if we don't limit the viewing of those views, we'll have every user seeing 30+ views each -- that's a pain.  We then created a group for every territory:

  1. Click Setup, then search for "Groups", you'll end up with "Public Groups".
  2. Click that to see your groups or create new ones....
  3. When creating a new group, you'll name it, the add in the users (or other groups) that are within.

Once we've got our group saved, let's go look at a view.  If we want to restrict the view (usually it's all users or only me as an option), you also have the option to share it with different groups.  That's how we're going to get a user to not see 30+ views, but instead just see the few views that means something to the rep.

When in the view, edit the view and bring up the typical criteria and columns screen.  Scroll to the bottom, then in the restrict visibility area, choose who sees that view.  We also have an admin team and "all data" team that is also able to see this view.

It's not perfect but it's pretty good.  A little bit hard to manage on the administrator side but on the user side it's MUCH easier for them and that's what counts.


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