Saturday, June 25, 2016 - Reporting on Converted Leads

Well, we've got a bunch of leads converted which of course means that I can't see them anymore in the lead area and they seem to have entered the void.  What's interesting about is unlike other CRM systems (Microsoft CRM for instance), I can at least go look at "inactive leads" and see which ones were qualified and converted.

For, we can only report on the converted leads which is fairly useful but a little bit tricky to get there.  A client and I just recently made this voyage together as they wanted to see "how many leads were converted in a month?"  That might seem easy, looking at creation dates but it's actually not if you have conversions to existing contacts to which a neither a new contact record nor a new account is created.  That was the case here.   So what did we do?  We built a report....

In the reports area, we clicked "New Report" as there are really no out of the box reports for this type.  In the type of report area, we selected "Leads>Leads with converted lead information".

Click create.  Now you'll see the typical tree of data fields on the left, but we have other fields like "Converted" (true/false type) and "Converted Date"which allows me to see the when.  I used both of those fields in the upper part of the screen to filter the report.

Like any report you can also add other columns or even schedule the report to run weekly/daily/monthly.  Because this does with converted leads, data the resulting contact (certain fields) and opportunity is also available at the bottom of the field tree.

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